Typical Day Routine
9:00 am:Children arrive, teachers help children with any individual needs.
9:20am:Circle time, Children’s register, welcome song, calendar, weather and group activity.
9:30am:Small Group work introducing letter and number of the week.
9:45am:Snack Bar set up and food prepared with helpers of the day.
9:45am:Learning activities and class work.
10:00am:Snack bar open. 
10:30am:Free play in garden area (free flow between inside and outside. 
11:45am:Group time activity (muscial movement, parachute, team games etc). 
12:10pm:Lunch Time.
12:45pm:Nursery rhymes, stories, songs. 
1:00pm:Home Time. 

Afternoon (Monday’s Only)

12:00pm:Home time for morning children.
12:10pm:Lunch time.
12:45pm:Circle time, afternoon register, songs, story.
1:00pm:Learning activities and class work.
1:30pm:Free play in garden area (free flow between inside and outside).
2:30pm:Group time activities (musical movement, parachute, team games etc)
3:00pm:Home time.


Qualified Staff Members

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Get In Touch

Location: Banstead Institute, High Street,
Banstead, SM7 2NN​

Telephone: 07708085780

Email: info@orchardpreschool.org.uk

School Hours: M-F: 9am - 3pm (with Our Partner School)

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